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If your company is experiencing rapid revenue growth, it is vital to create the strategy, tools, and process that will enable you to scale efficiently and effectively.

At SFE, we understand the unique sales challenges that come with increased expectations and rapid growth. We have helped founders and executives build out complex, multi-faceted sales organizations with the strategy, tools, process and management oversight needed to identify, measure and focus on the markets and sales targets that provide the easiest path to success.

Too many companies go through high-growth periods and never reorganize the plan, tools, and process to adjust for the momentum. The result is a scattered plan, loose management and oversight and the inability to identify and replicate the efforts that yield the success.

Much of the strategy involves training and enablement of the sales team. We believe people determine a company’s success. Without the right plan, it is impossible to scale effectively. We are ready to optimize your salesforce—we will help you hire the right team, create the right processes, and develop the right messages. We will ensure your team is fully trained and has the tools they need to deliver. We will help you build out all the components of a successful team, including hunters, farmers, channel and business development professionals, sales operations staff and any other sales function that can materially impact top-line growth.

As your partner, it is our goal to help you through the next stage of hyper-growth with a calm and experienced hand on the wheel.

For several years, we have worked with SFE to redefine and grow our sales organization.  During this time I have come to rely on the strategic advice and guidance they have provided to help me shape and grow my companies.
Eric Doubell, Adaptive Corp. & Razorleaf Corp.

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