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If you are the founder or an executive at a startup, chances are that you have worked hard and risked much to turn your idea and your passion into a funded company. Now that you have the capital to launch your product or service, you need to build out your go-to-market strategy and show results.

How do you design, test and build a sustainable sales organization with the messaging, enablement tools, metrics, and staff needed to create a scalable and sustainable stream of customers?

At SFE, we understand the unique sales challenges that young companies face. We have helped founders, executives, investors, and sales leaders create the strategies needed to rapidly accelerate the sales engine, test target markets, and provide strategic advisory services and oversight needed to quick-start the sales effort.

We passionately believe that the best route to success comes from a comprehensive, well-tested, and adaptable go-to-market strategy and sales plan. We will help you engage your target customers, hire, train and advise your sales team, work with sales leadership on systems, tools and management metrics to measure success, and work with you to capture it all in a professional sales playbook designed as a roadmap for growth.

We can see the future because we have helped hundreds of companies design, test, and implement sales strategies for their business. We have insight into what works in different situations and what outcomes are likely to result in different types of sales strategies. We can move fast to build, test, and deliver the plan that will work for you.

All of our efforts have one goal: to create a plan for rapid and sustainable growth for your business.

SFE developed the sales process in a way that allowed us to ramp up our sales team and keep our costs in line with our growth. SFE’s experience in selling technology was extremely effective in getting us launched and building a deep and valuable sales funnel and repeatable sales process.
Jim Hansen, PhishMe

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